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Our latest BIG DEALS furniture brochure is out now! The BIGGEST deals at the BEST prices!

Promotion prices will run until the end of July, and as always our fast selling products, including Maestro 25 desking, storage, and best-selling chairs, have been retained.

We also have a great deal on our improved Connex II range of bench desking, along with big savings on our Vantage seating and our best ever saving on steel storage! !

Plus an expanded range of office chairs, DELIVERED BOXED in just 1 to 2 days or delivered BUILT & BAGGED in only 3 to 5 days!

We offer the full end to end service - from space planning through project management to delivery & installation, and not forgetting the important final part of taking away the packaging! All at no extra cost to you!


When you purchase furniture from BOS Interiors you can be sure of the quality and know it’s been crafted to meet the demands of the modern workplace or home office.

The majority of furniture we deliver across the country is made in the UK using the latest manufacturing technology, supporting British manufacturing and ensuring the highest level of quality.  Buying locally is a major contributor to assisting our economy and supporting UK manufacturing.  We only deal with manufacturers and suppliers who share our passion for delivering high quality furniture whilst achieving continual improvement in their environmental performance.

Every item you purchase from BOS Interiors has undergone rigorous safety checks, leaving you with the knowledge that what you are buying will be reliable and safe.  In addition many of our ranges are designed to comply with the latest European and British quality standards and are tested by FIRA which is a truly comprehensive service for the furniture industry and provides solid reassurance that the excellence of these products has been independently verified.

Over 45 years of experience gives us the confidence to offer a minimum 12 months warranty on every item, with many product ranges coming with extended warranties, some up to 5 years.

BOS Interiors are here to help, and we are about much more than great products and incredible prices.  We can help and provide customised support and offer project management to deliver a professionally completed project.  Our after sales service team are trained to offer ongoing guidance, support and assistance with any issues that may arise.

If you’re unsure what products are right for your environment, our skilled space planning team can measure and detail an office plan to ensure you get the most out of your space.  We can create or suggest designs and floor plans to suit your needs with the space available.  If your project needs to fit with a fixed budget then we can work with you to achieve this.

When refurbishing a large office space, disposing of furniture can be difficult and expensive.  All your old furniture can avoid landfill with our recycling solutions to collect and recycle your old furniture, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint whilst creating a modern office environment.

With endless products to choose from, we have a range that meets the needs of every kind of workplace, no matter what your business does or where you are.  Whether you’re just starting out, giving your existing workplace a modern stylish makeover or fitting out a number of locations we can provide it all. 

From desks and chairs for the office and at home, to storage and reception units, huddle spaces and even a modern addition of power & data modules, we do it all.

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We pride ourselves on delivering on your project and exceeding your expectations. With such a huge range we can give you that personalised workspace that suits the style and ethos of your business.

We work with many top manufacturers to offer the most comprehensive range of fabrics and colours, which is second to none.  This goes much further than colours & fabrics, we have a variety of different leg styles and wood colours to choose from.  We can also offer those finishing touches to your project such as carpets, blinds and planters.  Whatever your office décor or style, we have products to suit your needs.

Space Planning & Design

BOS Interiors have a dedicated team of space planners with great understanding of workspaces and work environments, who work with the latest software to provide both 2D and 3D visualisations.  We specialise in creating inspiring spaces that can positively impact on morale, retention and productivity, our teams expertise will help enhance your brand and create the perfect environment for you, your employees and your clients.

 We start by reviewing your current space and understanding how your teams work, we understand how employees interact with each other and will design spaces that enhance worker wellbeing and enable your people to perform at their best.

Project Management

Our experienced project managers are on hand to ensure your programme runs smoothly and efficiently, and our specialist knowledge extends across a range of sectors, from commercial, retail, hospitality and leisure, healthcare, educations and NHS and local government, allowing you to focus on your core business with the minimal amount of disruption.

From start to finish we provide a single point of contact to co-ordinate resources and information to ensure your project runs smoothly, efficiently and is completed on time to your satisfaction.

Delivery & Installation

Here at BOS Interiors it is not just products where we offer choice, we have a number of different delivery & installation options that gives us the flexibility to ensure your project runs effortlessly, on time and on budget.  You can choose to have it delivered & installed when you need it, from standard and express to premium services.  We offer UK-wide delivery and installation and work to the highest standards to ensure this key aspect of your project is carried out to your satisfaction. 

We will co-ordinate your project and schedule delivery and installation to meet your requirements and liaise with you every step of the way to provide progress of your order and to give complete peace of mind.  Our experienced installation teams undergo an extensive product training programme to ensure every installation is undertaken in a professional manner, with a hassle free approach to completing on time. Our installation teams will remove all packaging for recycling once the installation is complete, helping to minimise the environmental expense of waste packaging.

Home Working

Home working has been on the rise in the UK for a while now and has accelerated since the COVID-19 pandemic has forced more of us to home offices.  There are many benefits to an individual’s work life balance when working from home.  BOS Interiors has a great range of furniture for all your home office needs, our product range goes far beyond desks and chairs.  You’ll also find storage units, safes, wall shelves and power & data modules – no need to look for a spare socket again!

No need to work from that kitchen table, we have hundreds of products to give you a productive, comfortable and inspiring home workspace.  With lots of choice of colours, materials and fabrics to give the perfect fit with your home décor.  Your home working space including your chair should comply with the latest regulations and be fit for purpose the same as if you were working in the office.

Sustainable Office Furniture

If you are looking for sustainable office furniture then BOS Office Supplies have just what you are looking for. BOS partner with Hawk Furniture, a true UK manufacturer of quality sustainable office furniture which is built to last. We have thousands of products ranging from entry-level desking to design-led statement pieces for your workplace, with our customers purchasing not only design-lead office furniture from us, but also quality, reliability and peace of mind.